IGN has published a new Gameplay vide of DRAGON’S DOGMA II, which is as under

It’s been more than a decade after the releaes of the original game DRAGON’S DOGMA II, just received a release date, along with new story and new gameplay detials and the release date is set on March 22, 2024.

DRAGON’S DOGMA-2 contains all new story which is set in a parallel world to the original game, introducing new characters, geopolitical factions and conflicts surroundings the dragon. Moreover, the gameplay of DRAGON’S DOGMA-2 remains similar to the original but with the new enemies, classes and character creation and more option are also added in this game.

More than a decade the first game/ part was officially released on 2012 and DRAGON’S DOGMA II has finally received a confirmed release date i.e. on 22 March, 2024, DRAGON’S DOGMA II reveals new detials regardings its world, story and gameplay. Which sets to be in an expansive fantasy world. DRAGON’S DOGMA II comes with new sequal which contains new experience, new areas, races, characters, and a new story with expanded gameplay.

DRAGON’S DOGMA- I is a long awaited sequal to the orignal RPG game DRAGON’S DOGMA whcih was released in 2012. despite strong sales of the linke expansion pack, Dark arisen and several re releases, it took Capcom more than 10 years to confirm a folow up sequal.

Let’s talkabout DRAGON’S DOGMA II gameplay. DRAGON’S DOGMA II is a single player narrative driven action RPG game. The developers of this game has promise a highly customizable main character and part, in addition to the freedom to approach situations in different ways. the game is set in the same fantasy- themed open world and from the abvoe said trailer we can see that the DRAGON’S DOGMA II reveales that the world of this game which is 4 times bigger than the previous game and moreover, from this trailer we have seen heavily armored swardsman, an archer, a sorcerer and an archer using magic.

Capcom has confirmed that the DRAGON’S DOGMA II will keep the pawn system usesd in the original game. the pawns are AI-Controlled party members that join you on your adventures, not just as battle aides but as virtual companions complete with their personality traits.

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