GAMES LIKE 2048 (2024)

2048 is a single player sliding title puzle video game writteb by Italian Web Developer Gabriele Cirulli and Published on GITHUB. The main Objection of this game is to Slide Numbered titles on a grid to combine them to create a title without th number 2048, however one can continue to play the game after reaching the goal, creating titles with larger number. It was originally written in java Script and CSS over a weekend and It was initially released on 9th March 2014.


  3. AGE OF 2048
  4. DEAD OF 2048


Dotsup it game which lookes like 2048 and it a puzzler game which make you think out of the box. . It doesn’t follow the traditional 4×4 box layout and presents you with unique layouts and a set target to achieve. Instead of numbers, you get boxes with dots which can be merged to form a tile of the sum of the previous tiles. Your aim is to achieve the goal in the least amount of time. If you’ve played in 2048, you’ll love it even more.


A classic bubble shooter merged with 2048 where you shoot numbers at a lowering grid. It uses both the mechanics to offer an interesting concept. You shoot tiles with numbers which stick to the grid on the top. If the adjacent tiles match in value then it merges and creates a tile of the greater value. Your aim is to create a tile 2048 before the grid lowers to the bottom. One interesting mechanic included in this game which makes it more fun is that it merges the tiles in two directions. If your tiles match it’ll merge all of them automatically giving you a significant advantage.

3.AGE OF 2048

Another take on 2048 which yields fruitful results. Age of 2048 is a similar game with a redesigned layout and instead of the number, you play with civilization elements. Your aim is to build a city and take the civilization forward. Start with merging fires to create a tribal hut, merge those to make a tribe, then a village, then a city, and so on. It is a fun game with a little bit of history mixed in.

4. DEAD 2048

The Zombies have attacked and you have to defend your place by building a tower in this Tower building 2048 amalgamation. The game is set on a  farm with 16 blocks and a gateway to the entry point of Zombies. You have to swipe and merge the defense towers to create a barrier to hold the zombies on the other side. You would have to use the resources carefully so that you don’t overcrowd the tower with redundant tiles. There would be times when a Zombie infestation would attack the towers and you can kill the zombies by dropping a tower on it. So what are you waiting for? Go build that damn tower


Impossible Nine is a 2048 style game where the rules are a little different. You only upgrade to the next number when three tiles with the same value have at least one side touching with each other. The game is played on a 5×4 arena and you can move individual tiles to a specific position given the path is clear on the board. You can stack the higher values together for later use and merge smaller tiles to create a high score.

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